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David's story

David has been a potter since the age of sixteen when he fell in love with clay while doing a foundation course at Northwich College of Art.  He continued his ceramic education at Loughborough University during which time he won a scholarship to travel to Scandanavia  where he became influenced by the simple shapes and minimal decoration that he saw there.   
Upon graduating he was asked to join the teaching team in the Fine Art Department at Newcastle-on-Tyne  University which he did enjoying many years of interaction with students and visiting lecturers. 
He moved to Nottingham to run the Ceramics Department at Trent Polytechnic for four years before launching his first pottery in Derbyshire.
During his pottery career he has had two potteries, Crich Pottery in Derbyshire and davidhiltontableware which started life in London but later moved to South West France. 
He developed the production of handles which he decorated and glazed  to complement his functional tableware.  All the cutlery is quality stainless steel from Sheffield and Norway.  Where possible this is handmade forged steel. The cheese planer is a design icon sourced from Bjorklund who also make the beautiful marmalade spoon and the very functional Corn on the Cob holders. 
David has travelled to Japan where he visited many of the potteries and studied the work of significant japanese potters.
David's range has sold all over the world.  In particular he has been proud to supply Henry Bendalls of New York and Sacks of Fifth Avenue. He also exhibited in the famous Apple Market in Covent Garden for many years.
He has designed for Denby and Dansk International.  However, his great pleasure is to meet customers and get their opinions of his work.


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