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Welcome to my site.

All the products in my range are made and hand decorated by myself in my studio in France. 

I fire in a gas kiln and use high fired stoneware clay or on occasion porcelain. 

Pottery products co-ordinate with a range of matching accessories for a stylish look

although they can be mixed and matched for a fun effect.

Examples of my decoration and glaze colours are beside each product. 

If you have any problems please get in touch.

Look in the Gallery for different categories of pottery and accessories

or go to the shop to make a purchase.

In addition to my standard range I offer a selection of gift packages for weddings

and special occasions as well as a selection of one-off items that you can find in the

'Just out of the kiln' section.

If you are looking for a unique item do look here.


and be the first to shop unique items just out of the kiln 

Thanks for submitting!

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